About Us

We're from Perth, Australia — a city usually known for it's relaxed lifestyle and immaculate beaches.

The Tuggl concept originated while walking along one of those beaches, sometime in 2013. It took a while to get started but after being live in early 2015, the first version of Tuggl was used by over 800,000 people in Australia and the USA.

We're now using that experience to create what we believe will be the world's best local product discovery engine and a whole new way to shop.

We plan to do it in three stages:

Product Discovery

Status: Working on it

Our unique web crawler gathers product and store location data from around the web. We then combine the info to make it easy to explore products at local stores.

Live Inventory

Status: R&D Complete

We 'automagically' (no data entry required for retail managers) connect to retail point of sale and inventory software, to bring you live inventory information from local stores.

Delivery Integration

Status: Coming soon

You can have a pizza or pad-thai delivered in 30 min - so why not a pair of jeans. With our ordering platform delivery partners get what they need to bring you products from local stores.